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Clipping product photos of cars for online used car marts

Here are some important online used car marts:

AutoScout24 - clip product photos

Almost 1,700,000 cars are waiting to be sold on AutoScout24. Having your product images edited will definitely up your chances! Differentiate yourself from the competition and the mass of offers and you have a better chance of selling your cars. We recommend having your product photos clipped to add a neutral background to give the images a studio quality appearance. Many photos on online used car marts aren't taken in front of a neutral background. PimpYou can help you turn your pictures into so much more. -  professional photo editors edit your images

In Germany, the online car mart currently has more than 1,000,000 offers online. Once again, it's worth looking into employing professional photo editors to make the best of your product photos and present your cars in the best light. You can check your online car mart's website to see if they have some tips on how to take product photos. We offer a professional clipping service, including the addition of a new background and slight retouches. Message us if you need a lot of clipped photos every week - we can offer you a special price for great quantities!

Some examples for online used car marts in Germany:

  • ebayMotors

Most online car dealers and used car marts are looking for the same things in product photos. Check out this shortlist of the most important criteria for product photos of cars:

  1. Photograph the car when the sky is cloudy to avoid teflections
  2. Choose a background that's not too busy
  3. Park the car on a consistent surface (no road markings if possible)
  4. Try to avoid shadows
  5. Use PimpYou's photo clipping service

Pixelating licence tags starting at 0.29 € per photo

Many car dealers trying to sell cars online forget to pixelate the licence tags on the car. We offer this service in addition to our photo clipping service. Send us a message to ask us about our prices! 

PimpYou: professional photo editors working all around the world

PimpYou has been offering professional image editing since 2008

People often ask us: where's your head office?

PimpYou was founded in Berlin in 2008. Back then we were one of the first companies to provide professional photo editing services. Our concept was unique, and ever since then demand has never stopped growing.

buero bilder bearbeiten

In the past few years PimpYou has continued to grow its markt share. We now offer a 24/7 service and work with as many as 120 professional photo editors on 3 different continents to offer you the best possible service. Our head offices are still in France, split between Paris and Bordeaux. 

Our photo editors work while you're asleep

In the past few years PimpYou has been looking for solutions to make our services even more effective. That's why we have offices in Paris/Bordeaux, Buenos Aires, L. A. and Bangladesh, which makes it possible for us to offer your a 24/7 service. Benefit from our flexible services: depending on when you need your photos to be edited, we'll send them to our different teams working all around the world. Especially when it comes to clipping photos we're able to guarantee service within 24 hours without any additional costs because we've perfected our workflow. 


Invoices and quotes for professional photo editing

New tendering system for our photo editing service 

Our team in Paris has been working hard on the redesign of We're proud to present you with a completely overhauled tendering system that will simplify the way we issue invoices and quotes. You'll be able to see all your paid and unpaid invoices at one glance as well as your personalized quotes. This also makes it easier for corporate clients to keep track of their invoices because they stay in the system indefinitely.


Managing your qoutes at a glance 

Usually we create individualized offers for our corporate clients. On work days, our team can respond within three hours. Your individual quote will be saved in your account, where you can result present and past quotes and offers. 

quote picture editing

Our offers are usually valid for 6 months; take a look at your individual quote to make sure.

How does our new tendering system work? 

With each incoming order, our team invoices the corresponding account. By logging in, you can download your invoice in the following formats: PDF, HTML or TXT. The term of payment usually is 10 days.


The due date and the date by which the invoice was paid can be found on the invoice and in the tendering system. We accept payment via PayPal (credit and debit card) and per bank transfer. Our bank details are also marked on the invoice.

payment list

Is e-commerce declining?

What's happening to e-commerce?

For a long while, online shops sprang up like mushrooms, but a study of the German Händlerbund found e-commerce to be stagnating.

ecommerce 2017 trends

It's only possible to grow e-commerce by being innovative

If you want to hike up your sales online, you need to be innovative. That means innovations in logistics as well as using e-commerce solutions that span all platforms. E-commerce will become more and more dynamic in the next few years: customers want to shop anytime and anywhere using their mobile devices. More than that, they want to be entertained while they're doing it. Purchasing products online has to become an experience with a maximum of service for the customer.

Online shops without photos?

Speaking about innovations, it's important to set a certain standard for online shops. Functionality and design should not be foreign concepts. You shouldn't try and sell products without product images online, and yet there are a lot of online shops who try to stand their ground without using product photos. Nowadays it's really simple to take product photos with your smartphone and give them a professional look using a photo clipping service.

clipping pictures service 2017

Product photos are clipped and out on a white or transparent background. It's less work and cheaper than traditional product photography, so online retailers can easily use such services to make their online shops more successful. Product photos are not the only way to help online shops become more visible; the design of the shop is important too, and it should be easy to navigate.

Changing the design does not equal innovation

To keep up with the newest trends in e-commerce and stay successful, it's important to be innovative and look to the future. Try to recognize emerging trends before they become reality! You and your muse are spending some time apart? You can buy tomorrow's ideas today - while the French aren't really known for being trendsetters on a global market, the French brand Soon Soon Soon is starting to look like a French Silicon Valley. PimpYou are not the only ones to have them look into their crystal ball to take a look at what the future might hold ... Creativity abound!

Clipping product photos for car dealer en masse

Clipping images of cars for car dealers and used car marts

PimpYou now offers an exlusive photo clipping service to car dealers, second hand car dealers and everyone selling on used car marts online!

Product photo - clipped with added logo

car picture clipping service

A lot of times people the pictures people use to sell their used cars don't look professional. Just take one look at used car marts online: while the car might look amazing, other cars, trees and houses are in the background. That looks pretty unprofessional, and it might even get people into legal trouvle when people or certain houses are visible in the photo.

Clipping photos of cars and changing the background

remove background car pictures clipping service

Comparison: beforecar clipping before picture

We can easily get rid of an unsightly background with our photo clipping service. Our large team of up to 120 professional photo editors can clip more than 1000 product images per day. Save your product photos with a transparent background and use them in a multitude of ways.

Background with a company logo

A new way of presenting cars online is adding a background with your company logo. We clip the photos of the cars you want to sell and add exactly the kind of background you want to add, such as the logo of your car dealership for instance.

car clipping service logo

The price for clipped photos usually lies between 0.49 € and 0.99 € per image. Online used car marts with a traffic of up to 500 photos per day should consider PimpYou's 24h service. Clipped photos make your website look more professional and can make your design look even better, which in turn attracts more customers.

Advantages of clipped photos, a summary:

  1. Product photos without an unsightly background
  2. No legal trouble
  3. Adding the company logo to the product image
  4. Photos of cars look more professional, which attracts customers
  5. Differentiate oneself from the competition

PimpYou offers a quick quotation for the cost of clipping your photos as well as a free test of our services. To offer you the best service for your particular needs, we need to know how many images you need clipped, how often you want to use our service and what kinds of photos you will need us to edit.

You can request a noncommittal offer for your  clipping path car pictures here.

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